Carne de res molida liofilizada

Carne de res molida liofilizada Carne de res molida liofilizada
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Freeze Dried Ground Beef from THRIVE

Why Thrive Ground Beef Is The Best


Lata #10
1.58 lbs, 20 porciones

USD 68.99

USD 65.59

Lata para despensa
0.5 lbs, 7 porciones

USD 26.79

USD 25.49

Caja (6 latas)
9.48 lbs, 120 porciones

USD 393.29

USD 372.59

Lata para despensa (paquete de 10)
5 lbs, 70 porciones

USD 259.89

USD 247.29

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Made with Carne de res molida liofilizada
Beef Enchiladas

Thrive Ground Beef is an essential in the kitchen! These crumbly bits are pre-cooked and perfect for tacos, sloppy joes, and casseroles.

Ratio of FD vs. Fresh:

2 1/2 C. FD Ground Beef + 2 C. Water = 1 lb. Fresh Ground Beef

  •  Certified gluten-free
  •  NO artificial colors or flavors

4 Easy Ways to Thrive


Closed: 25 years

Shelf life based on optimal storage conditions.


Family Size (#10): 20
Pantry Can: 7
Pouch: No


Ingredients: Beef, Water, Less Than 2% Vegetable Protein (Pea Protein Isolate, Pea Protein), Salt, Natural Flavors, Grill Flavor (Natural Flavor [From Sunflower Oil, Gum Arabic]), Spice

All products are processed in facility that handles milk, egg, soy, wheat and tree nut products.

Country of origin: United States, Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Canada

Prep Instructions

Add 1/2 cup warm water to 1 cup Ground Beef; cover and let sit for 10-15 minutes, or until tender.


Fresh Equivalent

1 cup dry = about 1/2 lb. raw meat


Click here to view the THRIVE to Fresh Equivalents Chart.


Tips and More

  • Use in tacos, sloppy Joes, pasta sauces, and casseroles.
  • Warm it in a pan with some butter before adding the water to rehydrate it to create a toasted flavor.


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